Music and Dance Games Come to Life with Music Soul

by The snailms on on 2013-06-06

    Snail Games is getting the party started with their E3 announcement of Music Soul, a MMO and social music/dance game. With multiple game modes and social features, the game plans to gather music-lovers around the world and create the ultimate online dance/music social platform.

    Snail Games has set high expectations for Music Soul. Different game modes and difficulty levels are included to allow people of all skills and backgrounds to jump straight in and get grooving. Snail is running this social word on one Global server so that players will be able to compete and more importantly connect with others from all over the world.

Music Soul plans on creating a social party with multiple opportunities of interaction amongst players. Make a personal connection or grab a posse and claim your own turf with the different areas to cruise. The world is a mega-club for your entertainment!

Is Music Soul dancing to your beat? Then check back often because more information will be available as the days to E3 count down!